Terms of Consignment

Terms of Consignment

  • Items will be consigned for a period of (90) ninety days. Threads Etcetera will determine the price of your items based on market averages. We use a sales system that automatically reduces the price of your item(s) over the consignment period in order to increase sales. Unsold items must be picked up within (7) seven days of the conclusion of the consignment period. Items not picked-up by this time will become the property of Threads Etcetera. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep track of their pick-up date. Consignors may log-in to their consignor account at any time to check their balance.
  • The consignor will receive 50% of the sale price, minus $0.50 for each item sold, for products up to $99.99 that are sold in our physical store and not listed online. Consignors receive 60% of the sale price, minus $5.00 for each item sold, for products $100.00 or greater that are sold in our physical store and not listed online.
  • The sales fee is increased to $1.00 per item sold if it is cross-listed on eBay. This fee is applied whether the item is sold in-store or online. For items $100.00 or greater, the sales fee remains at $5.00 per item sold. Please initial here if you would like your items sold online, as well as in our physical store. ______________
  • For items sold on eBay, the consignor split will be based on the selling price, minus eBay selling commissions, which usually run about 10% of the final sale price.
  • Please keep in mind that we select items we think our customers will buy. We will try to return hangers and unselected items immediately, but in the event we are unable to, we request that they be picked-up within three days of drop-off. Any unclaimed property remaining after three days will be donated to charity.
  • Threads Etcetera only accepts authentic designer items. By consigning with us, you attest that any designer items you bring in (Coach, Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke, Micheal Kors, etc.) are authentic to the best of your knowledge. Knowingly passing of a knockoff item may result in suspension of your consignor account with Threads Etcetera. It is recommended that you supply any original receipts, boxes and dust bags with your designer items.
  • Checks may be requested after the 15th of the month for consignors who generate at least $25 in sales during the previous month. Please email us at info@threadsetcetera for check requests and allow at least one business day before picking up at the store. Checks can also be mailed for a $1.00 service charge. Please specify how you would like to receive your check when contacting us.
  • Threads Etcetera is not responsible for mail lost by the postal service and recommends picking up checks in person at our store. In the event of a lost check by either the consignor or USPS, another check can be issued for a $40 fee to cover bank costs. There will be a 45-day waiting period before a new check will be issued.
  • Cash can be paid out for sales totaling less than $25 for the previous month, or rolled over to the next month. All cash payouts must be made in the store.
  • Any uncollected funds will become the property of Threads Etcetera after (6) six months of the date earned. All checks must be deposited within 90-days of being issued.
  • It is our priority to ensure that all consigned items are treated with care and respect, however, items left for consignment are done so at your own risk. Threads Etcetera is not responsible for damage or loss due to theft, fire, water, vandalism, or negligent handling by customers.

This agreement is between the Consignor and Threads Etcetera Boutique and Consignment. I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions for consignment.

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